For example, many graduates of Ukrainian schools choose to study overseas – in the United States.

For example, many graduates of Ukrainian schools choose to study overseas – in the United States.

As the holders of Ukrainian certificates do not have the opportunity to enter the first year of the bachelor’s degree at once, they enter special educational institutions for the preparation of foreign entrants, which are called Studienkolleg.

Like universities, study colleagues are public and private. Given the fact that the state student college is usually one for the entire federal state, the competition is quite large, and not all applicants pass the entrance exams.

In this case, absolutely everyone wishing to study in Germany after the 11th grade has the opportunity to enroll without entrance tests in a private Rhine student college in Bonn and receive a full education in one of the proposed courses.

The main advantages of the Rhine student colleague:

quality education; loyal admission deadlines, that is, they take students much longer than public ones, sometimes even until the end of September; offer German courses before the start of training, from the minimum to the C1 level; no entrance tests; not such a big competition as in state educational institutions; opportunity to receive an invitation and apply for a visa in advance; guardianship by student staff; housing assistance; assistance in resolving organizational issues.

Acceptance of documents for language courses and training programs takes place all year round. Training in the student college starts on October 1 and April 1 of each year. There are no clear deadlines for submitting documents, if there are vacancies, documents can be submitted until September.

If you have doubts about your abilities, have not decided on the choice or for some reason did not get a place in the state student college – Albion Education will be happy to help you at all stages of admission.


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Ukrainians are invited to take part in a competition for scholarships to study in Romanian universities

Romania provides 85 scholarships for higher education

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Romanian Ministry of National Education provide 85 scholarships for higher education. Scholars will be able to obtain a master’s or bachelor’s degree, as well as study in graduate school.

Training will be in Romanian, so students who do not speak the language well enough must take a preparatory course during the year. After that, they pass a language exam on the basis of the university or provide a certificate confirming the level of proficiency in Romanian (at least B1) in accordance with the European guidelines for language education.

The methodology developed for the scholarship program, the program calendar, application forms, and a list of recommended universities in Romania can be found at the link.

The documents are submitted to the Romanian Embassy in Ukraine, as well as to the diplomatic mission accredited in Bucharest, the candidate’s country of origin.

The deadline for submission of documents is February 28, 2019.

Detailed information about the competition and a list of required documents are available on the website of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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The list of universities that in 2019 joined the universities interested in Ukrainian applicants

US universities where you can get scholarships

Recently, the popularity of studying abroad is rapidly gaining momentum. For example, many graduates of Ukrainian schools choose to study overseas – in the United States.

Below is a selection of American universities that in 2019 joined the number of American universities interested in Ukrainian applicants. Ukrainians can be guaranteed to enter these universities, provided they know the English language in accordance with the requirements. And if you do well, it is also possible to receive a scholarship, which partially compensates for tuition fees.

Concord University. Concord University ranks first in West Virginia for scholarships, with scholarships ranging from $ 3,000 to $ 8,000. Specialties – business administration, biology, computer information systems, computer science / mathematics, tourism.

Manhattan College. Manhattan College is recognized as a leading school for preparing graduates for successful careers in international companies such as IBM, Google, JP Morgan and Wells Fargo. International students can apply for scholarships ranging from $ 6,000 to $ 30,000. More than 100 undergraduate programs – management, communications, finance, civil engineering, marketing, mechanical engineering and many more. etc. The college offers both bachelor’s and master’s programs.

Morningside College. Recognized by the American magazine News World Report and The Princeton Review, the best college in the Midwest, offers generous scholarships ranging from $ 10,000 to $ 20,000. In college you can get such specialties as business administration, biology, computer science.

Nova Southeastern University (Florida). It is among the top 200 colleges among US universities in 2018. Scholarships are awarded to students who meet the entry requirements, and the amount of the scholarship varies from $ 5,000 to $ 21,000. Popular scholarship programs include biology, marine biology, business, chemistry, computer science, psychology, and engineering.


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Take the opportunity to combine leisure with in-depth study of English or Polish

Give your child a ticket to a language camp in Poland

A language camp in Poland from a Polish company with many years of educational experience is an opportunity for children between the ages of 12 and 17 to combine exciting leisure and entertainment with in-depth study of English or Polish.

Why go to a language camp

As practice shows, this model of learning, which combines learning with native speakers and active recreation, is the most effective. Also, in addition to communicating in the chosen language, students actively delve into the traditions and culture of Poland, which allows them to quickly understand and memorize new material. Holidays in a language school will be especially relevant for those who later want to become students and study in Polish universities.

Conditions of study in a language school

The student’s age is from 12 to 17 years. The camp is located in the Polish city of Kielce on the basis of the Polish technical school "Advance". The program includes a 40-hour course of intensive study of English or Polish. Special attention is paid to learning about the traditions and culture of Poland.

More about what is included in the program

During the camp, participants not only undergo an intensive training course, but also participate in various entertainment and educational activities. They visit various nature reserves, an Italian garden, a geopark. Participants will also visit the Leonardo da Vinci Center for Modern Science, where exciting scientific experiments will take place in the form of games. The program also includes a visit to the water park, springboard park, museum of games and toys.

The program also includes a trip to Krakow for one day, a tour of the city and a visit to its main attractions and interesting places. In addition, participants will visit the ancient city of Henchin, including the ancient castle.

Those who like active recreation and discos will not be bored either: training in a language camp involves visiting shopping malls, evening discos, participating in a variety of outdoor activities, as well as unlimited visits to sports, gymnastics and fitness halls.

Even rest and walks during training in the language camp are combined with an active immersion in the language environment, which allows you to gain new knowledge in the most relaxed atmosphere.

Conditions of living in a language school

All participants are accommodated in comfortable double rooms. Each room has a private bathroom with toilet. Each student is provided with a comprehensive three meals a day. The curator is responsible for the safety of each participant around the clock.

The Avans educational institution, on the basis of which training and recreation in the language camp takes place, includes comfortable classes where educational lectures are held with the use of modern multimedia equipment. Also on the territory there is a library, an equipped recreation area, a sports hall, an ATM, WI-FI, points with copiers, a dining room.

The 40-hour curriculum in a language school includes the study of grammar, develops language and writing skills, reading, allows you to significantly expand the vocabulary of the selected language. Native speakers and teachers use effective teaching methods, modern materials, which combine visual and audio tools to learn the language faster and in the most relaxed and friendly atmosphere. After completing a two-week training, each participant receives a certificate of completion of a language course.

Hurry to get to the camp so that your child learns the language, gets unforgettable impressions and new friends!

You can get help by phone: (093) 170-08-57, (067) 217-43-44.


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The campaign is dedicated to expanding the powers of young parents through the development of entrepreneurial competencies

Entrepreneurship training for parents

The League of Tolerance opens the opportunity for 7 representatives of Ukraine to participate in the third international training in the framework of the Entrepreneurship Development Campaign "Young Parents – Youth Empowerment!", Which will be held in Baku from 1 to 8 September 2019.

The training will bring together Azerbaijani, Italian and Ukrainian young parents.

The campaign is dedicated to empowering young parents through the development of entrepreneurial competencies and strengthening the capacity of existing or potential young workers, coaches, teachers and mentors in the youth field.

Young parents (including those expecting a child) who are youth / social workers, coaches / mentors / professionals, educators or youth leaders in their organizations, communities or communities who use or want to use entrepreneurial skills and / or education will be selected on entrepreneurship in their professional or volunteer activities to achieve positive social change.