It’s not a style for the street, “says style consultant Ines Meyrose from Hamburg.

It’s not a style for the street, “says style consultant Ines Meyrose from Hamburg.

Wide, oversized sweaters or wool jackets with skin-tight trousers: the oversized look is in fashion this fall. But not everyone should join this trend as it doesn’t look good on everyone. Women with a narrow waist and fairly wide hips should better avoid leggings. We explain how to properly combine the trend.

Women with a narrow waist and fairly wide hips should not wear leggings. This is the advice of Andreas Rose, fashion consultant from Frankfurt am Main. The skin-tight trousers emphasize the broad proportions rather than conceal them. The hips then look even wider. It doesn’t matter whether the woman is tall or short. However, you should have narrow or slightly curved hips.

Leggings are disadvantageous for wide hips

Anyone who has an overall rather narrow upper body and is broad at the bottom must show or even emphasize their waist, explains Silke Gerloff, style consultant from Offenbach. However, the wide tops cover them up and therefore look disadvantageous. Women with this figure should generally avoid the so-called oversized trend.

Oversized garments are combined with narrow pieces

Oversized is anything that is too big. The attraction of this fashion is less that you can see little, but shapes that are only hinted at. Oversized sweaters and cardigans, as well as wide and long coats, are all in vogue this fall and winter. They are combined with particularly narrow, ideally skin-tight parts. Women with narrow hips can be seen in the oversized trend without hesitation.

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Only wear tight sweaters with leggings for sports

However, it doesn’t help curvy women to leave out the oversized look and wear tight tops instead. Because tight, short sweaters with narrow trousers are not a good idea. This also emphasizes the broad hips. "This is not a style for the street" says the style consultant Ines Meyrose from Hamburg. This look is more suitable for the gym, yoga or jogging.

It is a very special relationship that women have with their handbag. It is simply more than just an accessory or a practical means of transport. With it, women can arm themselves for many eventualities. But the favorite piece also means a considerable loss of time. A recent survey by the magazine “Petra” shows that women rummage in their handbags for 76 days of their lives. For the first international “handbag study”, women from 17 countries were interviewed and 150 “pocket reports” were evaluated.

The handbag: the personal piece of freedom

It is simply impossible to imagine a well-stocked women’s wardrobe without it: the handbag. After shoes, it is the second must-have that many women cannot get enough of. More than one is sure to be in the possession of every woman. From the case bag, the so-called pochette or clutch bag, to the larger tote bag with a crocodile look – you just need your own bag for every occasion – one for shopping, one for the office and then for the little black dress in the evening. Seasonal changes also play an important role when buying.

Italian women own up to 60 handbags

95 percent of all women in industrialized countries own between 2 and 20 bags or even more. The front runner is the Italian with up to 60 copies, which she calls her own. The study differentiates between bag owners who stay true to one model for longer and others who keep buying new bags depending on the trend.

The chic companion: Everything has to go in, everything has to come with you

The bag is a means of transport, helper in an emergency, guardian of finances and a liaison center. It is a good way to be prepared for any eventuality. The rummaging and the painful shoulder become secondary. In addition, according to the study, four out of five respondents worldwide can remember their first handbag. It is a kind of mobile living space that has to be with you everywhere. But the bag is also a means of communication, it serves to represent one’s own style. But that doesn’t mean that insights into the inner workings are desired. Look chic on the outside, but according to the study, almost no woman can suffer when someone wants to take a look inside the most sacred.

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Good style doesn’t have to be expensive. (Photo: Imago) Good taste does not depend on the budget. Women who still look classy in jeans and T-shirts have that certain something, their own personal style. With skilfully combined outfits and well-chosen accessories, you will always be able to look good without following every fashion trend. But how do you manage to dress and style yourself tastefully without digging deep into your pocket? Basically, the clothes should reflect your personality and emphasize your chocolate sides. So find out what character traits you have and how you can translate them into fashion. Eight simple shopping tips will help you find your own style.

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Get to know yourself better

Your own style is about your overall look. Clothes, accessories, hairstyle and make-up give the environment a certain impression of you. Therefore, the outfit should underline your character and not be in opposition to it. A shy wallflower who styles itself into a vamp with daring fashion does not make a credible impression. So it’s important to find out what you are actually like. What is your taste in music, what jokes can you laugh at and what kind of artwork do you like? These questions can tell you whether your clothes should be simple, fancy, glamorous or serious. You can also pay a visit to various fashion stores. Look at the clothes on the bars. Which parts do you like? Is it always similarly sporty, classy or casual? Over time you will get to know your taste better and better and finally judge at a glance what suits your style and what does not.

Put together basic wardrobe

If you have to get by on a limited budget, you should rely on a well-selected base of clothing. These parts form the basis for your outfits and should therefore be simple and durable and not correspond to the current fashion. It’s worth spending a little more money on it too. A wardrobe should have nice jeans, several sweaters or twin sets, a white blouse and something more elegant, for example a dark suit. You should equip your shoe closet with a pair of flat casual shoes and one or two pairs of plain shoes for the day, one of them in black. We also recommend chic shoes for the evening, summer shoes such as sandals and, if necessary, a pair of boots.

Combine with other items of clothing

Then stand in front of a mirror and combine your basics with newly purchased parts. Try different combinations. What do you like? What fits together? Accessories complete the picture. To spice up simple fashion with colored accents, scarves, belts, handbags or jewelry are suitable. Decide on a color that suits your type. When it comes to jewelry, less is more. Those who hang themselves with chains, bracelets, rings and brooches at the same time look more cluttered than stylish. The necklace should also match the shape of the collar: V-necklines look best with a long chain, round necklines with a short one. Good style also includes taking care of your skin, hair and nails. Unmanicured hands and tangled hair, for example, destroy the effect of even the most elegant outfit.

Stay true to your style

It pays to experiment with different fabrics, colors and shapes – until you arrive at your own style. Because in the right outfit you feel good and you also radiate this security to the outside world. Then once you know what’s right for you, stick with it. As a fan of simple clothing, you may like the playful dress with the frills on the bar. But it will likely make you feel out of place in it wearing it. As trends emerge, check to see if they suit you. And take a look at fashion models from one or the other fashionable trick – as long as you stay true to your style.

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High heels: walking in high heels has to be learned. (Photo: dpa) Heidi Klum can do it, so can Carla Sarkozy. Sarah Jessica Parker loves it, Angela Merkel less: walking in high heels. Many women have a collection of high heels at home. But after a torturous use on a festive occasion, they usually disappear again into the shallows of the cupboard. Too tight, too high, too uncomfortable is the judgment of the wearer. In addition, the most beautiful high heels are of no use if the wearer just stumbles in front of her. But now help is in sight: In London there are now courses for the perfect step in daring pumps. Tips for high heels Tips for buying shoes

65 euros for an elegant course

"Many women wiggle around in high heels or walk like elephants. I thought something had to be done about it" says Sarah Toner, former ballet dancer on high-heeled mission. In Great Britain in particular, fluctuating sales wearers shape the picture. In private lessons, the 44-year-old reveals tricks on how to move around as elegantly as possible even in ten centimeter high heels. "I didn’t think that would attract so much interest. Apparently there is a need" explains Toner. It doesn’t hurt that the Stöckel hour costs 50 pounds (around 65 euros).

Upright posture, lively step

And so Toner walks like a gazelle in her twelve centimeter high stilettos with leopard print through her small studio in north London. A participant circles in front of her like a circus horse in the arena. "Head up, chest out, hips relaxed, arms swinging" so the instruction. The alpha and omega of graceful movement on heels is the upright posture, the feet should point slightly outwards. One foot should always swing with a slight kick in front of the other. Out of sheer concentration, however, student Paddy Evans struts around a bit stiffly.

Feeling more feminine and elegant

But after an hour including stretching, foot massage and posture training, Evans feels much more feminine, "not so helpless anymore" says the 45-year-old dentist. Another Stöckel student explains: "I don’t come from a family where I’ve been shown things like this. It helped me walk on high heels like an elegant woman rather than Quasimodo." Apparently very few participants worry about health problems on their feet.

Business women tend to "stamp"

Young women, in particular, come to the training at lofty heights, preferably before events such as a wedding. "Later, when women have children, they wear flat shoes because of all the racing" says Toner.