Landbauer visits the Marzek printing company with Matthias Krenn, Federal Chairman of the Freedom Economy, and Regional Party Chairman Christian Höbart.

Landbauer visits the Marzek printing company with Matthias Krenn, Federal Chairman of the Freedom Economy, and Regional Party Chairman Christian Höbart.

And that the crime statistics are fudged. “We must finally start again to punish people who commit crimes.” “

The involuntarily long lunch break is over. Landbauer visits the Marzek printing company with Matthias Krenn, Federal Chairman of the Freedom Economy, and Regional Party Chairman Christian Höbart. He listens attentively, does not ask questions, and leaves the abuse to others. This election campaign is more about effective media appearances than demonstrative closeness to the people. A success – at least a doubling of the result of 2013 (8.21 percent), preferably second place in front of the SPÖ – is “” naturally “” expected.

It’s about survival

The Greens must have completely different concerns. Your performance in Lower Austria will also decide whether your federal party will get back on its feet – or whether your failure in the National Council election was the beginning of the end. In Schreinergasse in St. Pölten, the world is still fine. An organic grocer, a global shop, an eco shoe store. Helga Krismer is greeted warmly here. The green top candidate dares a spontaneous home visit and comes across an enthusiastic sympathizer. “” Never believe me! “, She says to her campaign workers as she leaves the house. “” Do you have a schnapps? “” “Well, even better!” “

Krismer knows the burden she has to shoulder, but says: “” If the top is too courageous, it will be difficult, but that has never been the case with me. By nature I am someone who likes to tackle and fight. I’m a little fearless. “” The vet from Tyrol, who has lived in Baden since university days, seems approachable, down-to-earth, which is also evident in the street election campaign. “” I know him from television anyway, “” says a man when Krismer hands him a brochure and chocolate-covered soybeans made in Lower Austria. “” Am I not negative anyway? “” “” Naaa … “”

One more home visit attempt, but not many are home by mid-morning. A woman more or less slams the door in front of Krismer’s nose. Because of the Greens, she had to close her shop on Mariahilfer Strasse and almost lost her livelihood. “But we are not the Viennese Greens,” “Krismer tries. In vain: “” It is the same party. “”

Not quite. At least the Lower Austrian Greens want to have learned from past mistakes. “We really tried to make clearer offers to the voters,” says Krismer. “” So that you can see that the Greens understand people’s everyday lives. By the evening of the 28th, I’ll be smarter and know if it’s been accepted. “”

On the safe side

It’s a place you wouldn’t expect the Neos to be. In the middle of the fields of the sprawling municipality of Gerasdorf, the party, which is usually urban and chic, meets in a pizzeria with potential voters. You have invited to get to know the top candidate Indra Collini and the Viennese councilor Beate Meinl-Reisinger. Because the pink ones are competing in Lower Austria for the first time. And from a political point of view, Collini is a blank slate. “” Yes, I’m a fresh face, but all of the top candidates are competing for the first time this year, “” she puts into perspective. The 47-year-old business economist speaks with a distinctive Vorarlberg dialect. 20 years ago she moved to Lower Austria for work, and has lived in Brunn am Gebirge for twelve years. She built up the organization of the Neos in the state on a voluntary basis. She has been the state spokesperson since autumn. And the polls speak for them: Most recently, the Neos were seen at six percent, ahead of the Greens. With that, the entry into the state parliament would be fixed.

Collini presented her ideas for the country in front of 16 listeners. It’s about freezing debt, transparency and control, which are core issues for Neos. Specifically, she wants to campaign for a debt brake in the state constitution, “” combined with a spending brake, “” as she says. After all, Lower Austria has the second highest debt level after Carinthia. Abolishing proportional representation is also a top priority for them. The system, according to which every party with a certain strength is entitled to a seat in the provincial government, only exists in Upper Austria. Your third big topic is childcare. “” 50 percent of the facilities are closed at four in the afternoon. You have to develop that. “” People eat in the audience. One of the guests notes that it is not necessary to have a volunteer fire brigade in every location. “” It could be set up as needed. “”

The Neos needed 1,000 declarations of support to take part in the election.

A signature must be submitted to the municipal office. A hurdle that, according to Collini, was not easy to overcome. “” We haven’t seen church workers just once persuade people not to do it. It shocked me how strong the tendency to persist in the old system, “” said Collini.

The tanker continues

Because most of the people here have the feeling that the Tanker Niederösterreich will continue to travel in the same direction for a long time, albeit for different reasons. The economic data inferior that. Peter Mayerhofer, regional economist at the economic research institute Wifo, sees Lower Austria in the key data in the federal trend, but considers the western federal states to be the more dynamic economic regions due to their proximity to southern Germany. “” Lower Austria is far away. “” The clear development differences are characteristic of the federal state. The economic power in the south of Vienna is well above the national average, the northern Weinviertel lags well behind. In order to curb the economic weakness and emigration there, the researcher advises networking across the border, for example in the field of tourism. And to a “” human capital-oriented regional policy “”, that is, to enhance the area there with culture and attractive jobs so that qualified Lower Austrians can find interesting jobs and an exciting living environment for their free time.

When the governor rushes through Lower Austria, she raves about “” lighthouse projects with charisma throughout Europe “”. She has the opportunity to do so with the million dollar blessing for the University of Excellence in Gugging and the presentation of the future RWA headquarters in Korneuburg.

In a country where the voters willingly provided the ÖVP with a majority just under fifty percent in the last election, “fear of omnipotence” is not a crucial issue, says Peter Filzmaier. “” With the electoral goal of breaking the absolute, you only mobilize your own core classes. “”

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FPÖ boss Heinz-Christian Strache has rejected a possible three-party coalition after the National Council election. He thinks this is “” not expedient, “” said Strache to journalists in Innsbruck on Thursday. The party chairman made a referendum on the CETA free trade agreement – as already indicated by Norbert Hofer, second in the blue list – a condition of the coalition.

The population is needed as a regulator. “The people must have the opportunity to correct parliamentary decisions,” said Strache. However, the FPÖ is not fundamentally against free trade agreements. However, since agreements like CETA are negotiated in the background, ultimately it will not go without a referendum. The nation-state jurisdiction definitely needs it, said Strache.

The FPÖ chief borrowed from Switzerland not only when it came to calling for more direct democracy. Because while he considered a three-party coalition to be “” not expedient “”, Strache suggested the possibility of a so-called “concentration government” based on the Swiss model. “” Each party receives over ten percent government responsibility, for example, “declared the Freedom Party. Majorities then have to be sought in parliament.

The goal of the FPÖ is “to gain as much as possible,” “said Strache. Basically anything is possible, but you fight to “” be as high up on the podium as possible. The FPÖ has “” many great personalities “” for ministerial posts for possible government participation, with Strache giving Herbert Kickl and Norbert Hofer as examples. People like the Upper Austrian LHStv. Manfred Haimbuchner or the Tyrolean FPÖ boss Markus Abwerzger would rather see themselves located in the countries. “” Haimbuchner is perhaps the future governor of Upper Austria and Abwerzger has a clear goal – to become number two in Tyrol, “” said Strache.

The FPÖ leader sharply criticized the current red-black government and saw both parties in a credibility crisis. “Turbo capitalists” like Tal Silberstein or Hans Peter Haselsteiner would be among the closest advisors to SPÖ boss Christian Kern. “” You can tell by looking at Alfred Gusenbauer that he’s not getting his neck full, “Strache mocked. The FPÖ boss also saw a “” great dishonesty “” with the foreign minister and ÖVP top candidate Sebastian Kurz. Because the departure of the former ÖVP boss Reinhold Mitterlehner had been planned for a long time, as the recently emerged papers would prove. In addition, Kurz was involved in all government decisions in recent years, so he was the old ÖVP, added Strache.

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Salzburg’s Ex-LHStv. Arno Gasteiger resigned from the ÖVP in protest. The government has a free face “” with a little turquoise or black make-up “”.

The former Salzburg Deputy Governor Arno Gasteiger resigned from the People’s Party in protest against the ÖVP federal party under Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. A few days ago, after 47 years as a member of the Wirtschaftsbund, he ended his party membership, as reported by the “” Salzburger Nachrichten “” (SN) and the “” Krone “” in their editions of today, Wednesday.

Also interesting: What body language reveals about Sebastian Kurz

In a letter to the regional chairman of the Salzburg Economic Association, Konrad Steindl, Gasteiger gave several reasons for his step. “” The People’s Party was a democratic party of the political center. Under Kurz it has become a right-wing populist movement. “” The content of the federal government led by Kurz is dominated by the FPÖ. The government has a liberal face “” with a little turquoise or black make-up “”, quoted the “” Salzburger Nachrichten “” in the farewell letter.

“For a short time Co., xenophobia is the opportunistic option for political success ”

In accordance with the FPÖ, Kurz is committed to mobilizing the mood against refugees, migrants and foreigners. “” Already during the election campaign, the impression arose that Kurz viewed refugees as something like spoiled goods that should be returned to the sender immediately. In large parts of the FPÖ, nationalism, racism and xenophobia are genetically anchored. For short Co. xenophobia is the opportunistic option for political success, “” wrote Gasteiger. As an example, he cited the government’s stance on the migration pact.

© APA / ROBERT JAEGER Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache with Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz

Another criticism of Gasteiger is aimed at the FPÖ departments. “” When the government was formed, Kurz surrendered the entire security apparatus, the police, the military and all security services to the far right. “” Gasteiger also cites education policy as a reason. The principle “” we find the future in the past “” and “” political dictation instead of scientific preparation “” is used here.

Criticism of “” Kurz’s self-image in social policy “”

Finally, the former politician criticized the “” self-image of Kurz in social policy “”. This is clearly evident in the child bonus. “” High earners receive 1,500 euros from taxes – that is very positive in Austria, a high-tax country. Poor single parents receive an additional 250 euros per year through the reduction in the unemployment insurance contribution. Those who need most receive little. ‘Give to the wealthy and keep the poor short’ “” said Gasteiger. For foreigners with poor knowledge of German, the minimum income should be reduced by 300 euros. “Are they less hungry than those who speak good German, do they pay less for rent?” “

A thorn in Gasteiger’s side is dealing with criticism in the party. The People’s Party before Sebastian Kurz had too many disputes in public. “Now it has gone to the other extreme and turned into a short-term worship club.” “Concerns would be rejected with reference to opinion polls. Gasteiger then pointed out that the criticism was not directed at the Salzburg Economic Association. His resignation there is the only way to end his membership in the Austrian People’s Party.

Salzburg People’s Party: “” Don’t overestimate “”

The managing director of the Salzburg People’s Party, Wolfgang Mayer, told the APA on Wednesday that Gasteiger’s departure from the party was noted with regret. “” We don’t want to overestimate his writing either. Cooperation with the federal party is better than it has been for a long time. “” Since Sebastian Kurz became party chairman, for the first time in recent party history, “” constant and measurable “” net increases in party entries have been recorded.