Sources used: City of Wolfsburg: Communication from 10

Sources used: City of Wolfsburg: Communication from 10

Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) rejects a state-wide regulation as in Bavaria. In Bavaria, the nationwide incidence value is also over 200, he said on Sunday. "We consider contact restrictions to be the more correct means."

The Lippe and Düren districts had already agreed with the state on night exit restrictions at the end of last week. They were already in effect there on the weekend.

After the districts of Düren and Lippe, the city of Solingen has also imposed a nightly exit restriction due to the high number of corona infections. It will apply from Wednesday between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. throughout the city, the administration announced on Tuesday evening. During this time, citizens are only allowed to stay outside their own home in exceptional cases, such as voluntary work with aid organizations, medical needs or the necessary care for animals. Anyone who is found on the street during this period for no good reason is said to face a fine of up to 300 euros.

On Christmas Eve, the Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve, the exit restriction only applies from 1:00 a.m. It is limited to January 10th. The first controls by the municipal security service and the police are planned for Thursday evening. The city pointed out that the number of new infections per 100,000 residents within seven days was well above the 200 mark. Solingen is one of the corona hotspots with an extreme infection situation in Germany, in which the many measures already taken in recent weeks have not led to a decrease in the number of infections. The situation in the hospitals is coming to a head, the infection rate in the old people’s facilities is worrying.

According to the city, there has been a corona outbreak in two old people’s homes in Solingen. A total of 47 seniors and 21 employees are infected with the virus. A city spokeswoman said in the evening that two of the affected home residents, both over 70 years of age, died on Monday. Measures have been coordinated with the home supervisory authority and the facility management to break the chain of infection. The employees would wear protective equipment and only use it for specific areas. The residents are isolated and there is a ban on visits except for emergencies. With series tests, possible further cases in the facilities should be discovered quickly.

According to the city of Solingen, the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days is rising again. The value was currently given on Monday evening as 234.97 after 214.1 on Sunday. The high point so far was October 29 with 279.8 cases.

Because he had to turn his music down, a man in Wolfsburg became aggressive: He bit his neighbor. 

In Wolfsburg, a 37-year-old bit his 54-year-old neighbor. The victim had previously asked the perpetrator to turn down his music. 

At around 0.30 a.m., the 54-year-old from Wolfsburg called the police because his neighbor was again listening to very loud music. A deployed patrol then warned the 37-year-old perpetrator. Shortly after leaving the place, the perpetrator turned the music back on.

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At the same time, the arriving officers heard screams from the hallway. The 37-year-old tried to hit his neighbor. When the 54-year-old whistleblower was able to fend off this, he was bitten. The 37-year-old also behaved aggressively and resisted the police. He was arrested. Criminal charges for assault and resistance to law enforcement officers await him.

Sources used: Wolfsburg police: press release of December 13th

With a lot of luck, a 44-year-old was not run over in The drunk man sat down in the middle of Frankfurter Strasse at night. He spent the night in custody. 

An unusual incident with a heavily drunk man occupied the police in Wolfsburg late on Sunday evening. As the authorities announced on Monday, they had been alerted by a driver around 11:40 p.m. because she had discovered a man sitting in the middle of the lane on Frankfurter Strasse. 

In fact, shortly afterwards, officials found the 44-year-old sitting on the street near a bus stop in the direction of Detmerode. The police were able to stop one of the man’s attempts to escape after a few meters. He fell to the ground and a switchblade fell from his clothes, which the officers immediately secured, it said. 

Music too loud: man bites neighbors after disturbance of the peace Police snatch exhibitionists: 14-year-old schoolboy harasses women in park Procedure discontinued: camera installed on school toilet – payment of money

A breath alcohol test carried out on the 44-year-old showed 3.12 per thousand. Apparently the man was so drunk that he lost coordination and therefore sat on the road. "The man had a guardian angel, because how quickly a car driver could have overlooked and run over him," Police spokesman Thomas Figge was quoted as saying. In police custody, the man was finally able to sleep off his intoxication. 

Sources used: Wolfsburg police: Communication from December 14th

Corona vaccinations for VW employees: The car manufacturer Volkswagen is planning to set up its own vaccination center on the premises of its main plant in Wolfsburg. This should also relieve the burden on institutions in the region. 

Volkswagen is planning to set up its own corona vaccination center on the premises of the main plant in Wolfsburg. Until details of the concept are available, more precise specifications from the federal government would have to be awaited, explained the head of the company health system at the VW headquarters, Katharina Bruderek, in the company magazine "Participate". But one is with the city "already in close exchange". 

The head of the Group’s health department, Lars Nachbar, coordinates with the authorities. "Of course we want to vaccinate people as soon as possible"said Brothererek. "But it is clear that the distribution of the vaccine will be regulated by the federal government."

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Indirectly, a large-scale vaccination against the new coronavirus at the site could also relieve the burden on facilities in the area if employees receive treatment at the plant. VW also offers its workforce corona tests to reduce the risk of further infections. Containers for the tests are already in place in several German plants.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Help for shops: Large parts of the retail sector are being hit hard by the second nationwide lockdown. The city of Wolfsburg therefore appeals to its citizens to give special support to the local economy. 

From December 16, most of the shops in Wolfsburg will have to close again – in the middle of the all-important Christmas sale. In view of the persistently high corona numbers, the federal and state governments decided on another nationwide lockdown until at least January 10th. Only shops for daily needs are allowed to remain open. 

Although the situation cannot be changed, many companies and businesses in Wolfsburg are now faced with existential difficulties, said the First City Councilor and Head of Economic Affairs Dennis Weilmann in a message from the city. 

Weilmann therefore asks the Wolfsburg population for help. "Please support the local economy in Wolfsburg. With gift vouchers or the WeCard! WMG can help you get our companies and businesses through this difficult time"the head of the economic department appealed on Tuesday. 

For Wolfsburg workforce: VW is planning its own vaccination center in the main plant. Creativity in partial lockdown: Restaurant serves dinner in a mobile home. Over three per thousand: A drunk man sits down in the middle of Frankfurter Strasse

The WeCard! was initiated by Wolfsburg Wirtschaft und Marketing GmbH. This is a voucher and payment system that is intended to support the local economy in Wolfsburg, the city said. 

Sources used: City of Wolfsburg: Communication dated December 15

Unknown people used brute force to break into several cellar lots in an apartment building in Wolfsburg. It is still unclear how big their prey turned out to be. The police are now looking for witnesses. 

Unknown people broke into an apartment building on Am Bahnhof in Wolfsburg and broke into six cellar plots. As the police announced on Wednesday, the act must have taken place between Tuesday, 4 p.m. and Wednesday, 9:50 a.m. 

Accordingly, the thieves broke open the parcels with brute force and, according to the current state of investigation, stole a TV set and tools. The next few days will show whether the thieves could gain further loot. In addition, it is still unclear how the perpetrators got into the building. 

Over three per thousand: A drunk man sits down in the middle of Frankfurter Strasse. Music too loud: Man bites neighbors after disturbance of the peace. Five cars damaged: Unknown rioted in underground car park

The property damage to date is currently around 300 euros. The police asked residents and other possible witnesses for clues. 

Sources used: Wolfsburg Police: Communication dated December 16

In Wolfsburg, a stranger took out his anger on five vehicles. The police are now looking for witnesses to the incident. 

On Monday morning an unknown perpetrator rioted in downtown Wolfsburg. At around 10.30 a.m., he damaged a total of five vehicles in an underground car park on Siegfried-Ehlers-Strasse near Schlosserstrasse. According to witnesses, the perpetrator wore a white jacket and a white cap.

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He damaged four VW Golfs and one VW bus with an unknown item. The property damage amounts to a total of 2,500 euros. When the perpetrator tried to flee, he was watched by the witness. He drove off on his bike. Due to the time of the crime, the investigators hope to find the stranger he is looking for quickly with his eye-catching outfit.

Sources used: Wolfsburg police: press release from December 8th

When you think of Wolfsburg, you inevitably think of the main plant of the car manufacturer Volkswagen. But the city in Lower Saxony has more to offer. Test your knowledge about Wolfsburg in a quiz. 

In Frankfurt, the S-Bahn ran irregularly on almost all lines on Wednesday. The reason was a broken track.

In the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) there were delays, diversions and partial cancellations on almost all S-Bahn lines on Wednesday morning. As the RMV announced, a broken rail in the area of ​​the Frankfurt Ostendstrasse stop was the reason for the disruption. 

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Occasionally, journeys from Frankfurt main station should be diverted via Frankfurt Südbahnhof. 

Sources used: dpa news agency

In the day meeting "Carpe Diem" homeless people get a meal and help with their problems. Now Wolfsburg’s Lord Mayor Mohrs has given the facility a donation. 

The city of Wolfsburg supports the day meeting "Carpe Diem" with a donation. On Thursday, Wolfsburg’s Lord Mayor, Klaus Mohrs, presented the envelope with 150 euros to Michael Bahn, regional director of the Diakonische Gesellschaft Wohnen und Beraten, Thomas Krücker, chef in the Bürgerhalle "Carpe Diem" and project coordinator and leader of the day meeting, Jasmin Hinze.

The "Carpe Diem" is a day meeting that helps the homeless in Wolfsburg. Here they get drinks and hot meals. But also advice on personal problems, official matters or questions about living and accommodation are offered here. 

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A special Christmas highlight awaits homeless people in "Carpe Diem" on the third weekend in Advent. Then VfL Wolfsburg will distribute it here in cooperation with the Schlossremise restaurant "Christmas dinner for the homeless". In addition to delicious meals, small VfL gifts are also to be distributed to make people happy in the run-up to Christmas, the club announced on its website. 

Sources used: City of Wolfsburg: Communication from December 10th Flyer "Diakonische Gesellschaft Wohnen und Advising"VfL Wolfsburg websiteMore sourcesShow less sources

Whoever generates waste is also responsible for its correct disposal. The city of Wolfsburg therefore warns its population against illegal disposal offers. Because dubious leaflets are distributed over and over again. 

The city of Wolfsburg has warned its citizens about illegal disposal offers for waste. Although there are quite proper collections of, for example, old clothes or scrap metals, there are always dubious leaflets in Wolfsburg’s mailboxes announcing illegal collections. 

These dice slips are often written anonymously and usually call for scrap metals, old appliances and clothing to be handed in at short notice. The city said on Thursday the collection of problematic waste such as car batteries is also offered again and again.

Wolfsburg should be suspicious especially when the collection of used electrical appliances is announced. Here it is clearly regulated by law that these can only be disposed of by the public waste disposal authority or by taking them back to retailers. 

Wolfsburg should help with persecution

Above all, nature in Wolfsburg suffers from illegal waste disposal, warned the city. Because old devices are often collected and cannibalized. What the collectors can no longer use ends up in the forest or in the fields. 

The city therefore asks its citizens to help prosecute illegal scrap or electronic scrap collectors. If you discover a questionable leaflet in your mailbox, you should contact the lower waste management authority or the police immediately. In addition, citizens who observe scrap collectors should note down the license plate number of the respective vehicle and take photos in order to enable later follow-up. 

Violence used: thieves break into cellar in apartment building Over three per thousand: Drunk man sits down in the middle of Frankfurter Straße Music too loud: Man bites neighbors after disturbance of the peace

The use of illegal disposal offers can also have expensive consequences for users.